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My son’s first grade teacher asked me to come read a story to the class for Read In Week. She thought I’d be a great person to ask since I was a writer, and she asked if I could tell the kids what I did.

Me: Well, I’m a writer and I write books.

Girl: What books?

Me: I write books about grown up men and ladies who get married. That probably sounds awful to you kids, but grown ups like it.

(Lots of faces made.)

Boy: Ew!

Girl: My mom cries when she reads those books!

Me: Oh, that’s great!

(Girl looks at me like I’m a psychopath.)

Boy: Guess what? My dad is married!

Me: Excellent!

Girl: Can I hug you?


Teacher: No touching Mrs. Johns! If we all hugged her at once, she’d be crushed and she’d never come back again!

And that was my visit to my son’s first grade class. I read them a story about pumpkins. And not one of the pumpkins got married. But I did learn that half the class HATES pumpkin pie.

For the record. 😉