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This was the Thanksgiving of First World Problems:

1. Last weekend was chicken dinner with family, and next weekend will be my birthday feast of chicken wings, so we really, really didn’t want to eat more poultry. (So much food… just So. Much. Poultry. I can hear entire countries cursing me for whining.)

2. Ever get sick and tired of cleaning up after big meals? The cooking part is pretty fun, but after the food is consumed and you’re left with piles of dirty dishes and crusty pans… Less fun!

3. I was tired and my husband was tired from a hard week at work and there was no way he was going to pick up the slack for me. Understandably–the man works hard!

So I opted out–but with a smile on my face, because I had plans to kick back and enjoy some time with my family instead of cleaning up after them. This is not a picturesque holiday this year. Sorry about that, but the irony of my First World Problems wasn’t lost on me, either, because we have been blessed with so much in this fine country that we can actually complain about being too full,  or be truly disappointed about a lack of photo ops. With food in our fridge, employment, a comfortable home… The whining needs to stop! 😉

So since a turkey got to live to see another year, I thought I’d leave you with pictures of the birds in our home that will never be eaten, Coco and Little Blue. If one goes on my finger, the other will hop up, too–it’s a team sport. And included in all the things I’m thankful for this holiday, I’m also thankful for them. ❤


And one more for good measure…


A very happy Thanksgiving to every one of you! (Even if you’re not in Canada and you’ll celebrate later on…) Let us never forget how very blessed we are.