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When I turned 35, all I could think about was when my mom turned 35. I was a teenager at the time, and 35 seemed just so ancient. She wore mom jeans, and while I thought she needed to buy a younger style, she rolled her eyes at me and said that she was comfortable, and after fourteen years of parenting, she was owed a comfortable jean. (Can’t really argue with that, can you?) 35 felt old, for some reason.

Well, this year I turn 36, and I feel downright young! At 36, I have at least 30 more years until I’m a regular retirement age. That’s 30 more years of hard writing–do you know how much a woman can accomplish in that amount of time? Young.

And as for the mom jeans… forget that! I’ve discovered plus sized clothing. Seriously, it’s a beautiful thing! After a mere 6 years of parenting, I feel that I’m owed a comfortable jean, too. I look amazing, everything fits, and I seriously look a good 20 pounds lighter, just by wearing clothes that fit me properly. Not that I even need to look lighter. As I’ve told pretty much all my girlfriends, I love the way I look! I just needed clothes that complemented it. The under-18 crowd can judge me as they will… and they probably will… 😉

For my birthday, my mom sent me the gift of shopping. She understands!

I have no idea what my husband and son have planned for me this birthday, but with my edits for A FIREFIGHTER’S PROMISE emailed off, I’m free to enjoy it. Just for fun, I asked my six-year-old what he thought of 36, and he informed me that it was ooooold.

Old? Pssht. My Oil of Olay begs to differ. 😉