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I love my home, and I want it to be pretty, but I’m NOT an artsy person. Not in the decoupage-ing, chalk board menu, paper-mache’d harvest kind of way. “This eye-catching pumpkin decorating idea couldn’t be easier: Just use Mod Podge to découpage a white gourd with pressed leaves. You can harvest the foliage from your own backyard!” Things that come easily for others, don’t come easily for me. I love looking at the results of other people’s artsiness, but my own is neatly contained in a paperback novel.

I admire the women who throw together a chalked sign to hang above their children’s heads the first day of school, announcing grade, teacher, future aspirations and number of missing teeth, because my kid doesn’t get that luxury. Oh, I take plenty of pictures of him, and he is thoroughly loved, but my artistic abilities run out after slapping those photos into an album or a frame (that I have not refinished.)

Except… I’m a writer. So I DO write books. I’m not completely barren of artistic ability–just not in the crafting department.

However, a family cannot be celebrated in the mother’s romance writing alone, so I do my part to make our apartment a home. Now, this probably doesn’t actually count as crafty because I didn’t craft it in any way. I picked it up from Winner’s with some birthday money, and I just love it! When I saw it, I HAD to have it. It’s my bicycle built for three!


“Daisy, Daisy, give me your answer, do!”

And a third seat… for their future child.