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We don’t have snow. This is news! I see Facebook friends posting about first snowfalls in the US, but here in the Great Brown North, we’re above freezing. Still. We got a skiff in September, but that doesn’t count when the kids don’t need snow pants for trick or treating!

I shouldn’t complain. It isn’t often that a woman in northern Canada gets to brag about how crazy warm it is while everyone else gets a blizzard, but there it is.

Except… See, I don’t have many “in between” clothes. I have the Mother of All Winter Coats in my closet, and I’m ready for the layering and bundling to come, but… it hasn’t come yet! Our Fall is normally about two weeks long, so I have summer clothes, and I have winter clothes, and I have a few things for the two weeks of Fall and the two weeks of Spring, and I’m kind of confused. It’s like waiting for an ax to fall that just won’t fall. You’re constantly cringing, and then your neck muscles just start to get tired.

Right now, I’m sitting around in long johns and an apron, unsure of exactly how to dress the next time I venture out. Five degrees above freezing is purgatory! Not cold enough to bundle, not warm enough to enjoy. You’re just constantly sweaty in half a layer too many.


Just end it already! End this beautiful in between weather and put me out of my misery! LOL! But see, having said that, I face the wrath of my fellow Albertans. The S-word is like swearing around here, and if you’re heard breathing it before there is actual S-word on the ground, you’ll be blamed for the ensuing winter weather.

So if you see me and I’m dressed like a confused person, there is a reason for that! We don’t normally have this much of an “in between” season, and my wardrobe isn’t prepared for it! And if you find me tarred and feathered, well, you’ll know why that happened, too.  Shh. I didn’t say a thing. 😉

So carry on, my wintery American friends. Enjoy your snowfalls, and be thankful that at least you know how to dress!