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Have you seen this show? I just finished watching the finale, and it kept me hooked! This isn’t a Bachelor kind of show where 20 women compete for a single man’s “rose.” This is something different–couples who agree to marry a complete stranger, meeting them for the first time when they say “I do.” Commitment at hello!

(Well, not 100% commitment, because they get the chance to divorce if they want to, or stay married after 5 weeks… but it’s a reality show, so…)

The matches are made by professionals who seek out a person’s ideal partner based on… Heaven knows what all, but they assure us it’s all very “scientific.”

This is basically a “social experiment,” as they call it, in arranged marriages. And the question is… can a marriage work this way in our society? What is most important–things in common, compatibility, perseverance, or something else less measurable, like say, love?

One couple interested me more than the others, and that was Monet and Vaughn. This couple both asked for traditional gender roles and were the most compatible, according to the match makers, but they fought like crazy!


Monet wanted a man’s man in a traditional man’s role in a marriage, but don’t you dare ask her to cook. Vaughn wanted a woman to dote on him, but interestingly, he never considered doting on her. Their expectations seemed to be the same, but they weren’t. At all. And their frustration was palpable.

I won’t give away the ending, just in case you haven’t watched it yet and wanted to, but this show is definitely one I’ll keep up with if they do another season. Just watching the relationships develop is a goldmine for a romance writer!

So what about you… Would you marry a complete stranger who ticked off all the boxes on your wish list?

And just how scripted do you think this show is?