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I don’t watch basketball with my husband for the right reasons. I have no idea what standing different teams have, and I’m pretty fluid with my team loyalty. It drives my husband crazy when I sympathize with the wrong team, but I notice different things than he does. Like when players get their feelings hurt, or when a player takes the time to help up someone from the other team who gets knocked over.

I also notice when I think a player is a church boy. Having married a church boy, and raising a church boy of my own, I’m familiar with the type. 😉 And they’re very sweet, might I add!


Terrence Ross is just about young enough to be my son if I’d started early, and for the longest time, I’ve been pointing him out to my husband.

Me: “#31–there, that guy! See him? I’ll bet you anything that he’s a church boy!”

Husband: “Why?”

Me: “Just look at him! He just can’t look tough. He’s too sweet-faced, and he’s so mannerly. Take away that uniform, replace it with a white shirt and tie, and stick him in the middle of prayer meeting. With his mom in choir practice in the church basement.”

Husband: “Okay, I think I see it.”

Me: “Right? Right? All he needs is a little pocket New Testament!”

I didn’t want to actually look it up because little things like facts get in the way of my enjoyment of basketball. I watch for all the wrong reasons, the main one being that my husband cuddles up with me. But the other night, I finally Googled the young Terrence Ross to see if I was right.

And guess where he went to Junior High? Montrose Christian School in Maryland!

I called it!

Church boy. Right there! For me, that’s a win. 😉 My husband begs to differ. He requires points and all that.

Go Raptors!