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I suspect I might be a slightly selfish person for this, but I absolutely love a cold day! First of all, I work from home, so I get to stay inside where it’s cozy and nurse a pot of tea all day. The agony, right?

Secondly, I get to wear this coat every time I step out into the cold:

4565m_red_10I honestly don’t feel a thing out there while I walk my son to school and back. I also don’t see anything in my periphery vision because of the wolf fur surrounding my face. (My little guy is equally bundled up.) I turn a full circle before crossing a street to make sure I don’t get smucked from behind or something. I’d never hear it coming!

Thirdly, this is what -22C/-7F looks like when you aren’t shivering and stamping your feet… And it’s gorgeous.

DSC03360There is just something about the tickle of frost on dry leaves, my breath hanging in the air, and odd looks I get from neighbors while I drop the camera four times before I take pictures. 😉 The perfect beginning to a day where there is nothing better to do than to work on a novel.