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Most girls have a bit of an awkward stage. They haven’t learned how to tame their hair yet, they get long in the leg and big in the foot… At least that’s what it was like for me. The only thing bigger than my personality was my hair.

I knew I was awkward, but it didn’t hold me back. I thought this was just the deal–this was me!–so I might as well work with it. And while I could have curled up in a corner and felt insecure, instead I developed my own personal comedy routine. If I could turn my own awkwardness into a laugh before someone else did, then I won! If someone else tells the joke, then you’re the butt. If YOU tell the joke, then you’re the punchline! It ended up being my secret to any kind of social success up until my body caught up with my feet.

I remember being about sixteen and overhearing my aunt tell my mother, “Thank goodness she evened out! She had one looooong awkward stage.”

Up until that moment, I didn’t realize I’d been awkward long enough to be noticed by extended family. When family that lives in another province (read “state” if you’re American!) notices, then it was epic, my friend. 😉

Anyway, I came across this video (posted by Dave Ramsey on Facebook, actually!), and I found it really inspiring! This comedian has a piece of advice. He says that while life might set you up, you can choose to be the punchline. But in a better way than I did.

This is worth the watch. I promise!


It’s not what we get, but what we give. You are the answer to someone’s deepest prayer–I can can guarantee it!