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There are a few different tortures reserved for writers, and I thought I’d take today to outline them for you. I’m helpful that way. 😉

1. Having ideas.

2. Having ideas, but no energy to do anything with them.

3. Having ideas but no “go ahead” from your editor to start writing them. If you start before the gunshot, your editor is likely to say something like, “Could we just change the entire premise of that book? That would be perfect.” And all your writing is wasted.

Torturing a writer is easier than you’d think! You could give her a computer virus. (Knock on wood! Ack! Now I’ve said it aloud!) You could also lock her in a room away from their computer and with a roomful of delightful people, then whisper a great idea for her next chapter in her ear. She’ll visibly writhe. Writer’s always live in the knife-edge of torment anyway, so tipping them over isn’t that hard. 😉

But do you know how to make a writer happy? Read her book… LIKE her book! You don’t have a lot of control over that, but if it happened to happen naturally, then email her a little note saying that you enjoyed it. It will warm the very cockles of her heart, because that means that all her work, all her torment, was worth it.

When you like it… it’s worth it!

And yes, this is exactly how picturesque I am while writing. ;)

And yes, this is exactly how picturesque I am while writing. 😉