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ПарватасанаI’m volunteering a few times a week in my son’s first grade classroom. The first day I arrived for my duties, I got to see how they start their day, and I have to tell you, school has changed a LOT since I was in elementary school!

It’s very gentle and calm now. That frenzied pecking order has been soothed. Teachers don’t raise their voices, and they start the day with some yoga.

My sense of humor being what it is, it kind of cracked me up! (Internally, of course. I’m not a jerk.) This guy came on over the loud speaker with this eerily soothing voice:

“Close your eyes. Inhale. Feel the air coming to your lungs. This morning we are going to have a mindful moment and we’re going to listen to the sound of a bell.”

So they did. They listened to the sound of a bell, and despite my own mental comedy routine going on, I got lulled into their mindful moment and the sound of that bell. It was so quiet and peaceful in the room that when the whole class rose to their feet for the national anthem, (the bell having stopped ringing some time ago) I didn’t even think to stand. I was still just kind of lulled and sitting there in my too-small chair.

Until I noticed all the six-year-olds staring at me, and popped up.

Mindful moment over.

But if anyone ever notices my son zoning out, they shouldn’t hold it against him. We Johns can zone out. Like a boss!


Photo by Drew Osborn

Photo by Drew Osborn