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My husband’s job held a family Christmas party at an indoor amusement park. It was an excellent idea, and we were excited to go. Tickets to this place are normally kind of expensive, and the company had rented the entire park for three hours. We could go around and do any ride we wanted!

Now, there was one ride that looked fun. It was spinny. It would sail overhead and you’d hear the shrieks and laughs of the people riding it. We figured that would be a great place to start. With a six-year-old.

So we hopped on the ride, got buckled in, and it took off. Now, as it so happens, that fun, shrieky, spinny part feels a lot different when you’re on it. It was more like a whirling, jerking, heaving ride of terror. At least to us. We might be biased.

So while we’d looked up to see the laughs and shrieks of other riders from the ground, when we were on this thing, other people were looking up to hear my son sobbing, “I want off!” and my hoarse holler of, “Close your eyes, baby! It’s almost done, I promise!” as we clicked up another incline…

We got off of it, weak-kneed and wan.

Never again.

I’m pretty sure accidentally putting your kid on a roller coaster that you thought would be fun is a parenting milestone. My parents did it to me, and now I’ve done it to my son. It’s like passing down an heirloom of fright. LOL

Merry Christmas, anyway!