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I’m terrible with resolutions because unless they are something I’m going to do anyway, I never actually do them. Gym memberships are a waste of money on me. I will not change the way I eat… for long, at least. So instead of us lying to each other about things we’ll never do, I bring you my New Year’s predictions!

Those are safer. No one needs to lie here.


New Year’s Predictions:

1. My son will beat me at checkers when I’m really trying. This is inevitable and painful. He’s six. Let’s never speak of it again.

2. My husband and I will celebrate our 10th anniversary. I love that!  A nice round number–double digits!

Handcuffed_hands_(line_drawing)3. I’ll get more contracts–because there is no option there. If I don’t, I’ll die of frustration. My internal organs will literally implode. It’s publish or die. It would be really confusing for the coroner who would assume I was poisoned and some innocent person would go to prison… Lives would be ruined, people! So I’d better get more contracts.

4. I will FINALLY buy some summer dresses! When I was a brand new mom, I used skirts and nursing tops during the warm months because it was easier to discretely feed him. The next year, it was cheaper and easier to just buy new tops to go with the skirts I had, and the year after to pick up a new skirt to go with the tops I had, and as the years passed I never actually bought myself some new dresses. Well, this year, I think it’s finally time to make that happen. I’m buying summer dresses. The reason for the skirts and tops is in school now, for crying out loud!

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Nope, that’s all I’ve got. I predict that Canadian politics will remain dull. American politics will remain interesting.

Oh… and keep your eyes open for THE FIREFIGHTER’S PROMISE coming out in May! That’s less of a prediction and more of a guarantee… 😉