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Today I picked up my brand new, terribly authorial glasses.

It was high time I got new glasses. The last glasses I had kept slipping down my nose, and I wouldn’t really notice. My husband complained I looked like an old lady when I peered over the top of them, but I had good excuse. I got those glasses when my son was a toddler in a stroller. Anyone who has had a toddler in a stroller knows exactly how relaxing it is to stroll those grabby hands through a frame store. The place was busy and the person working there said I’d need to come back in like 3 hours.

It wasn’t three hours, but it might as well have been. I had a tired child. With allergies! I had to feed him something. Get him home. Make him sleep! I wasn’t waiting around for half an hour, or whatever impossible time I’d been asked to wait. So I just took the glasses and left.

And for four and half years, I wore glasses that slid down my nose.

So if writing books wasn’t enough for you, I now bring you glasses. Terribly authorial glasses. That stay up.

You’re welcome. 😉