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I always wanted to age naturally… gently going gray, the smile lines around my eyes enticing those around me…

And then I dyed my hair the first time. I could have stopped–I COULD have!–except that my husband liked my hair dyed so much that I couldn’t bring myself to stop. He thought that my “gently aging” idea sounded too old. He might have a point, considering that my mental image was of Dame Judi Dench.

news021802_08But Judi Dench is just gorgeous! She’s even prettier now than she was when she was my age.

judi-dench-actress-and-husband-michael-williamsThat photo is just to make my point. Anyway…

At the moment, my current hair color is called Medium Ash Blonde, and it promises to blend in with your own tones and highlights. Well, after you dye it for a couple of years, time after time, you don’t really have any natural tones or highlights left and your hair ends up looking more like doll’s hair. Brassy.

So I’ve decided to change my hair color to something darker–Light Ash Brown, to be exact. It hasn’t happened yet, since I’m holding out until my roots demand it… but as soon as I do, I’ll snap a photo so you can see.

If I can age like Judi Dench, I have something to look forward to! Unfortunately, my husband refuses to let me look 70 until I am.