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Are you a fan of Mike and Molly? I really enjoy this show! Due to my own frustrating relationship with the PVR in my home, I missed almost all of this season, so a friend of mine decided to catch me up.

Bless her.


So you might have noticed that Molly is now an author–a fun twist! I really wish I lived in TV Land. Molly, a previously unpublished author, was able to get a book deal based on the blurb of an unfinished first draft. And her advance was enough to buy a brand new Mustang.

It isn’t realistic, obviously. TV Land never is! And while that shouldn’t bother me, it kind of does! Why? One very simple and shallow reason: when people who know me ask, “Ahem, so…. how well do you do on these books?” I look like a loser who doesn’t have a Mustang, that’s why! 😉

So just so you know… and in case you know any authors….

Mustangs are not the rule with which you should measure your local romance author. 😉