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I’m old enough not to subscribe to fashion’s body ideals, but I do recall a time when I’d look down at myself and wonder why I couldn’t be more like so-and-so. So this is for all those young ladies who still try to fit into the ideal…

It’s not worth the effort! In fact, there was a point in history and a geographical location that idealized the exact assets that you’re sporting!

Me? My sweet spot in history is the Italian Renaissance. I would have been hot stuff! 😉 If I were interviewed, I’d say, “I just eat when I’m hungry. I don’t know what to say. I roll out of bed looking like this!” Women who were tall and lithe would look at me with envy. How could they achieve my perfect measurements? LOL! And if they’d just wait a few hundred years, they’d get their turn at being “effortless perfection.”

The envy is silly. They ideals are silly. We’re all beautiful and we don’t have to be cookie cutouts!

What about you? When did your body type and fashion ideals collide?