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As you know, A SECOND CHANCE AT FOREVER was accepted for publication by Love Inspired Harlequin. This is really exciting for me. Seriously, contracts never get old!

So here I am on the auspicious day… a picture taken by my six-year-old who asked, “How come you’re putting on makeup?” as if it were the rarest thing he’s seen in his young life. It might be, and it was only lip gloss.


And this is the main event:


The contract is signed with my trusty old Bic pen, and I’m locked into a delightful agreement where I will finish writing the book within six weeks and deliver it to my editor.

The above goofy look on my face? That’s what Happy Author looks like!

PS. My son wanted me to include his photography skills, taking pictures of his Koala Brothers plane set. So here is his contribution of the day, besides taking a picture of his mom. 🙂