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I don’t believe in being cold. Cold was for when I was a twenty-year old, dashing across a snowy park, trying to get to my next class. Cold was for when I cared about how I looked when dashing across that snowy park, lest someone see me… Oh, twenty-year-olds… I was so resilient and dumb. 😉 Warm is for when you no longer care, or for when you realize that fashion should be reserved for the indoors, and it should make allowances for several layers of clothing.


I love living in the cold, Canadian North. It’s very good for writing because no one actually wants to go outside when it’s blustery and minus some unholy number. Sitting at your computer while the ice inches up your window panes just feels cozy. I also love having a huge, warm coat, because while I am out in that cold, I don’t feel a thing.

While I start thinking springtime thoughts starting about January 1, the reality of the situation is that winter has barely started. We have about 3 months left… Our winter has been ridiculously warm so far, but we’ve had a few cold stretches that make that parka my favorite fashion accessory. That’s three months of long johns and hot tea, parkas and cranking up the heat to compensate for whatever travesty is happening in the weather outside.

The next time you see THAT coming down the sidewalk toward you, wave! It’s probably me. 🙂