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Do you see that rainy misery outside? That’s called writing paradise! You wish you could be so lucky as to look out a window over that melting pile of dirty snow IN MARCH! I’m in northern Canada, and there are places in the United States that are hip deep in snow right now. I don’t get to feel smug often about weather, so allow me this. 😉


Anyway, this would be writing paradise if I didn’t have my six-year-old at home with a tummy bug. So instead of pouring it on for my deadline, I’m making soft porridge and playing checkers with him.

The only problem is that he no longer trusts me to let him win.

Our first game of checkers, the game ended with me having three kings… which inspired me to sing “We Three Kings” heartily while I wiped the board with him.

“Good game, sweetheart.”

Maybe not really sportsmanlike on my part. Sorry. 😦

The next game, I felt bad for my earlier enthusiasm, and kept giving him chances to jump me.

“No!” he’d say. “If I jump you there, then you’ll jump me back!”

So we kept moving our pieces, him scared to jump me, and me trying really hard not to win again… And we ended up like this:


No joke! The mother of all stalemates.

Parenting at it’s finest. 😉 Now you have two things to envy me for: a pile of melting, dirty snow, and my solid parenting strategies.

Happy Monday!