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I just submitted my manuscript for A SECOND TIME AT FOREVER… just in time to get a springtime cold. This is how it works for me–I work hard, and then my immune system craps out on me. I recover for a few days, and then I pour it on for a new project. I don’t think my body likes this arrangement, considering that it keeps throwing me under the bus with illness, but I carry on anyway. 😉

Right now, I’m starting a proposal for what I hope will be my first series. This one will be about a police department, and it’s slowly starting to take shape in my mind. It’s fun to start with something brand new–a new town, a new group of people. I confess I’m geeking out a little bit! I’m going to make a nice big map so that I can keep track of where everything is in my fictional town. I’ll have to keep track of all my details: shopkeepers, townspeople, ministers, store names…

And today, I received my big ol’ box of A FIREFIGHTER’S PROMISE, which hits bookstores May, 2015. Yay! So I’m feeling productive… and awash in books. So stay tuned for a giveaway soon!