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With a book about to be released, a manuscript submitted and waiting on the edge of my seat to hear back about another manuscript which I should hear about any second now…. I’m in a weird limbo.

I might try and make novel-writing into a 9-5 sort of job for the sake of my family, but it isn’t. It’s more like a traveling circus, where you put down your stakes and pour on the energy, bring out the clowns for the length of one novel, then shove it all back into a box and move on again.


Don’t get me wrong–I love this! I’m just not a very graceful in-between person. I love having a book on the go, and when I’m sitting around planning (or waiting for the answer to hit me), it feels awkward. Fingers to keyboard is a lot more comfortable than wandering my house talking to myself, saying things like, “So why? Why does she need him?”

I can procrastinate like a pro when I have a book set up and ready to write! In fact, I have a lot going on this week. My son had a birthday, I have family coming from out of town to help us celebrate, and we’ve all gone down with one truly appalling cold that’s left us run down and medicated. So if I had that book primed and ready to roll, I’d sit back in complete comfort–or as much as this cold will allow–and forget about it.

But I don’t. So I can’t. I do NOT have a big pile of work waiting for me right now. So how can any logical person expect me to rest?

That is the neurotic mind of a writer. We’re the tortured sort. If life doesn’t torture us, we torture ourselves. 😉 So don’t be alarmed. I’ll be fine. It’s this kind of twisted work ethic that creates the soothing stories you read before sleep. LOL!

Photo by Usien

Photo by Usien