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Canadians talk a lot about weather, because weather MATTERS. I’m serious. This is not small talk. This is important. This is the line that is drawn between us and our plans for the week… Namely, a scenic plane flight we’ve been looking forward to for WEEKS!

Every single time our scheduled day comes along, either the weather or the flu season kicks up a fuss. This is today:


This is also the forecast for tomorrow. I don’t think you can see it, but that mix of sleet and snow is actually blowing sideways.

All I want is the regular sun and cold that greets us in our prairie winter! Cold is not an issue, but the driving sleet kinda is… And I want our plane ride!

Anyway, my desires aside, our birds seem to be enjoying that sideways blowing misery, because every time the wind really howls and the sleet whips by perpendicular, they dance around and chirp excitedly. Being flight animals, you’d think they’d have a deeper sense of horror. They do not.


My whining aside, I hope you all enjoy your Easter weekend, with much better weather than ours. With any luck we’ll get some decent sun for a flight over the town. And you can be assured that I’ll take pictures. ๐Ÿ˜‰