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Love stories just make me happy! And here is a great one–about Brazil’s tallest man, plagued with self-doubt, but overcoming it all to fall in love with a girl who just took his breath away… At 5 feet tall, she comes to his waist.

This “gentle giant”, as they call him, is just so sweet! And I love the little detail that his mom had some trouble adjusting to sharing him. It certainly isn’t ideal for the groom to have over-protective parents, but it certainly isn’t unheard of! LOL!

Opposites sure do seem to attract. I always expect to see something like “Brazil’s tallest man weds Brazil’s tallest woman,” but nope. Brazil’s tallest man falls head over heels for a teeny tiny lady who I’m sure has enough personality to make it all work. And that just seems to be the way things happen. If the match weren’t an unlikely one, I doubt we’d get behind it so enthusiastically. And somehow, I think the unlikeliness of it all fuels the lovers, too.

The path to true love never did run smooth… and if it did, young people would still pass it up for the unlikely rebel who horrifies their parents. 😉 Human nature.