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Being a real, flesh and blood author is incredibly awkward. Being an online author–chatting, posting pictures, that sort of thing–is much easier. In real life, I just tend to get awkward.

Yesterday, I decided to go find my book in an actual store. It’s very exciting, but I feel a bit shy when I go out on a mission to find my book. So I slip into stores trying not to be noticed, and I’m SURE plain clothes security guards have their spidy senses tingling at the sight of me. I’m a lurker. I sidle up to the Harlequin shelf, looking for mine…

The first store didn’t have any of mine left–yay!! So I had to go to a different store across town, where I found my book on the shelf, snapped a photo, then slipped away.

DSC03914Because what would I say to someone? “Hey, I wrote this!” And then they say…. What, exactly? “Good for you!” or “That’s great.” And I say…. ??

I don’t know the response for that.

You see? Very uncomfortable. Kind of weird. I have no idea how that conversation would go. So I lurk. I sidle. I snap selfies. I run away.

If YOU’D like to lurk in a store and sidle up to my book on a bookshelf, now is your chance to do it! It’s in the stores–and you won’t look as weird as I do, because you’d just buy it all naturally, looking all normal and unruffled.

If anyone asked you about it, you could just say, “Yeah, I’m buying this,” and they’d say, “Do you want a bag with that?”

See? Normal. Not awkward at all. Don’t take that for granted! 😉