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If you live in the prairies like I do, you’ve passed those old sagging, ghostly buildings while you drive on a straight stretch of flat highway, or take a side road in hopes of finding some address your GPS won’t even register. Out in the middle of some field, there are barns with their roofs dipping inward, or old farm houses with empty windows, staying upright by some miracle. I’ve always wondered what was inside them, but of course, you don’t simply traipse across someone else’s property…

scott glarlockThe above photo is of photographer Scott Garlock while he looks through some old letters he found inside an abandoned house. He does what we all wish we could–searches out old buildings and goes inside to take pictures of the relics that are left. Old letters, vintage calendars still on the wall, suitcases covered in dust in the corners, and pairs of shoes that still sit in careful pairs beside the stairs. He photographs these disintegrating treasures and slips away again, leaving everything undisturbed. And perhaps the best part of his photography are the descriptions he writes for each photo—his imagination breathing life into a scene that’s nearly moldered away.

10384353_1583851665164359_6369133248698848594_nIn his words:

“Unfinished Business” A lone dust covered suitcase patiently awaits a reunion that will never take place existing as a memorial and tangible evidence there will always be unfinished business. (2015)

Photographer’s Notes – Residing in the ruins of an old Warren County, NC farmhouse, a dust covered suitcase exists as a memorial to a final chapter written in the life of a hardworking soul. It is believed that the old farmer who called this old place home fell suddenly ill and either he or his family were preparing for assisted living or possibly an extended hospital stay when things became more dire and final…

Here are a few others that struck me. They are pictures swollen with story, hinting at lives lived long ago.


If you’d like to see more of his amazing photography, either follow him on Facebook like I do, or pop by his website.

Some people ask me where I get my ideas… well, they start in places like this!

Many thanks to Mr. Garlock for granting his permission for me to post these photos.