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Remember how I said I’d cut my hair? Well, I did it.

I’ve also started the official edits for my American Romance entitled SAFE IN THE LAWMAN’S ARMS. (And yes, I get to keep the title!) This one is due out in February 2016.

The editing is exciting. I’m forcing myself to wait until Monday to start working on it, but it’s awfully hard to share photos of my editing. Or how fun it is to get into that stage of things. I’ve also filled out the forms for the art department… which means someone will soon be putting together a cover for me. I cannot wait!

I’m also halfway through the rough draft of my second American Romance which is set in the same fictional town of Hope, Montana, so when my editing is done on the first book, I’m back to work again on the next book. I love having a nice pile of work in front of me. It keeps me happy. Left to my own devices with no deadlines, I tend to get jittery.

Very soon, I’ll also receive the edits for my Love Inspired novel, entitled A SECOND CHANCE AT FOREVER, due out in March 2016. And that is what my writing life looks like right now.

However, none of that photographs well.

Instead, I’ll show you my new hair style taken Sunday after church. 😉

DSC03963And picture it hunkered in front of a laptop… minus the lip gloss and pearls.