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The weather outside is gorgeous (and short lived this far north!) so I’ve been enjoying all this sun and warmth.

First of all I wanted to show you how my peas are coming along. I’m quite proud. I feel like I’ve personally done something extraordinary here.

DSC03973 I’m less proud of my other pots that did absolutely nothing. I’m serious! NOTHING. They just sat there and not a thing sprouted. So I went down to my local hardware store with their outdoor plant sales going on, and bought some plants to put into those blasted pots. Apparently, I’m not that patient when it comes to green things and whatnot. 😉 I have four months until snow, and it cannot be wasted!


This morning, instead of clacking away on my next scene for this American Romance, I was eating. Yes, eating. Food had me completely sidetracked. (You should know that if you gorge yourself on watermelon and forget to eat protein, you get really hungry and shaky, regardless. I don’t recommend it.)


But seriously–toasted, open-faced chicken salad sandwiches… Can you blame me?

Welcome to my Wednesday.

I’m getting back to work now on that next scene now…