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I have Strep Throat. Wow, is it ever miserable. While I lay in my bed all feverish with a throat so sore I couldn’t swallow, I thought to myself, I wonder if people used to die of this? I could just imagine being a woman in the Victorian era “taken to my bed in a bout of illness,” with nothing to make me feel better except some tea and a loyal maid. The doctor probably would have bled me or something. Ick. Except in the Victorian era I probably would have been the loyal maid, so my chances would have been significantly lower…

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Yes, I confess that I get morbid and a tad self-indulgent when I’m sick. 😉

So anyway, once getting onto antibiotics and feeling like I might actually survive this after all, I decided to look it up, and guess what! People DID used to die of Strep Throat! (Ha! Don’t ask me why that feels like a victory. ) I can’t imagine trying to just soldier through this without a welcome round of antibiotics, and it’s one more reason why I’m so glad to live now.

So that is what your local romance author has been up to–being sick. Hoping to be back at it on my manuscript soon.

Spoiler Alert: I didn’t die. 😉