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House_of_Cards,_season_3,_promo_imageI’ve had a week off. It was necessary after finishing up a rough draft of a novel and then coming down with a summer cold. So while I nursed my cold and let my brain lay fallow for a few days, I finished up the last season of House of Cards that I was watching on Netflix.

Binge-watching House of Cards while taking cold medicine can make a girl rather paranoid when it comes to politics! I don’t really have anything else to say about that… just that the last episode of Season 3 left me seriously horrified with Doug! I saw it coming with Underwood, but — I digress! This isn’t the point.

In my writing, I’ll be editing a proposal I’ll be submitting in the next few weeks to my Love Inspired editor. I’ll also be doing the final edits on two books coming out in 2016. With any luck, I won’t have any more colds or flues to battle while I do it.

In my family life, I’ll have my 7-year-old with me, and we’ll get going on our summer activities until Mr. Johns gets home at night. His summer vacation starts tomorrow at 3 pm, and I’ve been looking forward to this time together. In a way, this will be slowing down–something I knew I’d have to do during July and August all along–but it’s going to stay busy regardless! My son will make sure of that. 😉

And that is the update! I’ll be sure to keep you posted on the summer experience in the Johns’ house, where the summer might be short, but we’re going to make the most of it. 🙂