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I don’t know about you, but I have a little choir of dissenting voices in the back of my head–voices picked up over the years whose tinny criticisms follow me like a snarky little choir.


Pleasing all of those voices is impossible. It involves turning my self into a pretzel and then some. Look young. Look successful. Excel in a career. Keep a spotless home. Nurture. Develop some snark. Serve. Be ever available. Look rested. ACT rested. Smile! Say yes. Be nice. Stop being so nice. Let your personality shine. Don’t intimidate. Be proud. Be humble. Be strong. Be meek.

I’m pretty sure all of us women have those voices cackling in the background, and turning them off isn’t so easy, because those voices belong to people we know, respect, and even want to please.

Recently, I was talking to a friend about this very topic, and we both said the same thing: What kind of woman do *I* want to be?

For me, I want to embrace being a Fully Grown Woman. I don’t want to waste my time on chasing youth when I could be chasing experience, accomplishment and hard-won wisdom. I don’t think I should have to look as young as possible, be as thin as possible or be as available as possible. I’d rather have people remember me as an honorable woman who loved deeply, worked passionately and got enough sleep.

Oh, and who ate a full meal. Seriously, ladies. At this point, if we don’t deserve a full plate of food three times a day, then WHEN? 😉

Forget the snarky choir… We have one kick at this bucket, and we’d better make it a good one. The choir can kick their own.