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I was very happy to meet my American Romance editor today! I’m currently in Toronto, and I got to take a tour of the building and meet all sorts of people who work together to bring Harlequin books your way. They were incredibly kind, gave me a tour and generally made me feel loved.

1360684178_1_Minacs Building

My editor has been a voice on the other end of the phone ever since I got “the call,” so it was such fun to meet her in person. Here is a picture of her next to some vintage Harlequin cover art–because there is nothing more fun than vintage Harlequin cover art!

IMG_1983And here is Yours Truly, doing the same thing with Royce of the Royal Mounted. 😉

IMG_1986They made me a sign!

Patty and DanaPatty and Kathleen

And here is me, one more time, in the old reception area.

IMG_1984 The visit is not complete without a moment in that reception area. 🙂

And now, I will kick back and relax… sort of. I have new book ideas percolating. Guess what I’ll be doing on that long flight home again? 😉