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Today, I heard from both my editors, and I have more projects lined up to work on. This is part of the drill if you’re a writer–you are in charge of your own time, which means that if you want to be writing, you have to get your work lined up yourself. There is no boss breathing down your neck, just you and your gumption.

So, for the next few weeks, this what I’ll be up to:

  1. I’m editing a proposal for one editor so that I can incorporate her notes and send it back in.
  2. I have the go ahead to start on another book!

That means I’m staying productive while I wait for some official contracts, because just sitting while I wait is simply not an option. I might grumble. I might pace. I might start a whole new book for a whole new line. But I just can’t sit.

I’m always a little bit afraid of boring you all to tears with my writing updates, but it really is the biggest part of my life! I mean, my family, of course, holds the biggest part of my heart, but my work hours–that big gap during the day between dropping my son off at school and picking him back up again–is all writing. Boring to watch, perhaps even boring to hear about, but fascinating if you’re the one doing the writing! 😉

I hope to have some covers to share with you soon for my 2016 releases, and until then, I’ll be fingers to keyboard.

Have a wonderful weekend!