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As I type this, the rain is coming down in a miserable, drizzly, gray downpour. And it’s perfection!

I love being at home, and being closeted away at home by the weather is absolutely ideal! There is no cozier feeling than being inside a warm home with warm lights and warm tea, while outside, it’s cold and damp. It’s the outside equivalent of a chilly room and a warm quilt. And it does wonders for my serotonin levels.

My son is a lot like me. We introduced him to the concept of baseball this summer, and his response was perfect:

Son: I love baseball! This is great! (Runs from the room.)

Husband: Where are you going?

Son: I’m going to write a story about it.

That child is after my own heart! My best adventures happen when I sit down and write about it. Leaving the house–unless forced for grocery shopping–is entirely optional. This weekend, bring on the quilt.

I literally just sat down.