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Today, I got to go grocery shopping child-free. I’m a different person when I shop child-free. I’m calmer. I don’t reprimand anyone for anything. I’m eerily blissful, like a cult-member or something. You could call me Sunflower and I’d roam about barefoot listening to that canned Christmas music they have playing saying, “No, no, after you!” to the older lady whose cart I almost rammed.

Photo by Andrew Dunn

Photo by Andrew Dunn

Child-free shopping is rare for mothers, and when we manage it, it turns into a very Zen experience. When you have time and attention to put into which peanut butter you buy, you never know how it might impact your life.

The woman who rang me up has seen me weekly for the last six years. She said, “You look relaxed today.” I smiled and said, “I am.” Then we both just chuckled, because she’s seen me at my worst when I was all haggard with a toddler in my arms, and then when I would beg my four-year-old to just stand still for one minute. And then with a bored school-aged child with me…

And I have to say, grocery shopping alone is the way to go! There is no judgement. There are no potty breaks. When you walk away with peanut butter, you feel confident in that purchase.

Bliss. 😉