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My little boy has gone down with the stomach flu, and I’ve been up since 4 am cleaning, wiping, doing load after load of laundry. I’m thankful, though, that I have a job that allows me to work from home. There is no panic about Monday.

Yesterday, I wrote Chapter 13 out of 15 for this current novel I’m working on for Love Inspired. I snuck it in while my husband and son played a Playstation game together, and since we won’t be going anywhere today, I might be able to sneak in another chapter today. The end of a book is the most fun to write. The final “get together” for the couple is just as cathartic for me as it is for you. 😉

So with American Thanksgiving coming up, I’m thinking about the things I’m thankful for. Like working from home, and finishing up a book. I’m thankful for First World Problems, and for reasonable electricity bills (have you ever thought about how much it would cost to light up that Home Alone house??)… and for a quiet Sunday filled with laundry, weak tea and Christmas movies.


We are blessed.