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The other day, while toodling about online, I came across a meme that talked about St. Nicholas slapping a man. I couldn’t believe that would be true, so I searched it, and lo and behold, it IS!

In 325 in the council of Nicaea, Nicholas got so worked up when another bishop was arguing a heretical point, that he got up and smacked the guy across the face. You can read about it here, if you don’t believe me.

Now, this little story was too good not to share, so that evening, I joyfully told Mr. Johns and our 7 year old son about it. They also found it interesting, and I thought it was over. but the next morning while walking to school, my son looked up at me with those big, shining eyes, and said,

“Mom, tell me the story of how St. Nick slapped a guy again…”

LOL! Of all the stories to be told and retold this Christmas season, I didn’t really think the story of St. Nick’s lost temper should top the list, but what can you do? 😉

Moral of the story: I don’t even know! I sense I could have done better with this, but come on–a slap happy St. Nick! It was too good not to share.


photo by Wouter Engler

photo by Wouter Engler