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I don’t hear well. It’s been getting worse over the last few year, or at least I thought it was. It’s been getting increasingly difficult to hear Mr. Johns and my son when they talk to me. Or when they talk in general. I’m always asking them to speak up, and they’re always telling me, “Mom, it’s you! You’re half-deaf!”

And it isn’t only my family. I have trouble making out what people are saying sometimes in conversations, and I tend to smile and nod when I have no idea what they just said. The phone can be frustrating for that, too.

V0011264 A woman shouting into a man's ear-trumpet. Wood engraving.

So the other day, I decided to bite the bullet and get a hearing test. And surprisingly, IT ISN’T ME!!

Okay, it is me a tiny bit. I’m on the low end of normal, and one ear is less than normal for low sounds, but according to this test done in a beautifully quiet sound box, my hearing still categorizes as normal…

So I have drawn a few conclusions:

  1. For literally years, my family has been mumbling at me. And blaming it on me.
  2. Since it isn’t only my family I can’t hear terribly well, it also means that the entire world mumbles.
  3. It took a medical appointment to convince my family to enunciate their words and speak slightly louder. An actual medical professional had to give me an official test in order to make this point. 😉

We Johnses are a stubborn lot, no? Luckily, we love each other just as tenaciously. And the silver lining is that I get to start my new year being right. 😉