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Writer’s Block… it’s an umbrella that covers a whole lot of excuses for us writers–anything from “Wow, I really don’t feel like writing right now,” to “I’m too tired to put together a sentence.” I’m the mother of a school aged child and the wife of a man who loves my company. That means that when either of them are around, writing doesn’t happen. I don’t get Writer’s Block so much as blocked from my writing by my family. 😉

So this wouldn’t be helpful:



Good grief, don’t add alcohol into the mix! Although a vampire wouldn’t be terrible… at least they get some quiet, right? 😉 I  need a candle that smells like silence and clean dishes, with an undertone of spotless bathtub. If you could package that and stick a wick in it, I think you’d make a fortune!

The holidays are very close to being over now, and come Monday, my family will be back to their regular routines.

I’m holding out for some silence! 😉