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Emptying out a box of books gives me a sense of accomplishment that you probably won’t understand. But it does! THIS is a beautiful sight!


I have a handful of books left from two different boxes of 48 books each (a grand total of 96 books!) and having whittled my book stash down to 10 books does my heart good. It’s like those phone games where you make jewels explode and you get points and you feel this wild sense of having done something great, even if it would be hard to explain to someone on the outside…

Distributing free books is harder than you’d think! Handing out copies to friends, contacts and various organizations… it’s not the easiest task, because they’re mine. It feels pushy, somehow. The kind of personality that can hole up in solitary confinement for weeks on end hammering out a book isn’t normally as strong in the marketing department.

(And here is a little fact you might not be aware of: if you bring a little pile of free books to an old folks home, or a hospital, people give you that suspicious squinty look, like you’re dropping off tracts about hell fire or cleverly disguised catalogs to take advantage of the elderly. That’s comfortable! But I digress…)

I like giveaways because people ask for a copy (which is way less awkward). And I’m always looking for new ways to get my books “out there.” So having gotten this far on two full boxes of books makes me feel accomplished. And relieved. It’s a job well done.

IMG_2848Speaking of giveaways, don’t forget about my Goodreads giveaway for The Lawman’s Surprise Family. It ends January 29, 2016, and I’m giving away 8 signed copies within North America.