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Being a mom is a complicated enough job without the internet. Now, in theory, the internet is a great resource. Is there gluten in that? Google it! Do you need to cut up a two-year-old’s grapes still? A mom somewhere has blogged about this. At length. With judgement in her tone.

The more independent we get, the more we turn to the faceless internet to get our answers, and the further we get from good, old-fashioned women’s wisdom.


With family, you are bound to get some crazy advice, but at least you know the source. “No, Aunt Linda, we don’t give babies brandy anymore…” And if your family is driving you nuts, you can stop asking them, and just rely on your own instinct.

Romance novels are linked to women’s longings… for love, for passion, for marriage… but also for the other relationships that build us up, like community, extended family and best friends. Because if you gave us the choice between a sympathetic neighbor with five kids of her own and a online forum, we’d probably choose the neighbor. Or our mom. Or even Aunt Linda, whose kids all grew up to be ridiculously successful, even with their brandy-addled infancy. 😉

Don’t get me wrong–I Google a lot of things. But I miss the days when asking another person was the only option. We might have been right. We might have been wrong. But the kids survived, and I have a feeling it was a lot less lonely.