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The Love Inspired page on Facebook has all sorts of cute games and promotions for our books each month, and this time around, it was my turn.

My book was featured with Belle Calhoune’s in Cover Vs. Cover. The idea is that readers vote on which cover they prefer. It’s fun! I like voting on these, too.



The “right” things don’t always give me an appropriate sense of accomplishment. Sometimes it takes me a week or two to go see my book on a shelf, and I think, “This is crazy. I should be celebrating this more!” But life gets busy and I know that it’s there, and I somehow miss out on that rush I have every right to experience. I think it’s because I’m hip deep in another book by the time I have a release, so my attention is divided.

But when Love Inspired did this little promotion with my cover yesterday, I got that rush. It felt REAL. It’s funny the things that bring on those authorly shivers of happiness, but this was one of them. 🙂

This book will be the shelves March 2016, and today is the last day for my Goodreads giveaway for this book, too!