Valentine’s Day is high pressure, especially for someone married to a Harlequin author.  Mr. Johns grew up in Africa, so V-Day wasn’t a thing. And these sorts of holidays tend to take a lifetime of TV commercials and social programming to figure out what people expect. We’ve been married for ten years, and he’s still somewhat baffled.

This Christmas I sent him to buy wrapping paper… and he did! But it was three large rolls of birthday wrapping paper. I didn’t even blink. I wrapped every single one of our gifts in it and carried on, because the man went out in the cold and brought back wrapping paper. I wasn’t going to be picky.

So he tries… but he doesn’t always get it exactly right.

IMG_2934But he did this Valentine’s weekend! I made a candlelit dinner for the family, and he brought flowers, cupcakes, and a love letter… I swoon for his love letters! He could have brought me a Valentine’s can of soup and a love letter, and I’d still swoon, because the love letter is what makes it for me. His words on paper, telling me just how he loves me…

Oh! And this weekend, our son made us breakfast. Eggs scrambled to perfection. Master Johns’ signature dish… as of like, four days ago. My heart is full.


Now go buy that discount chocolate! 🙂 May the rest of your February be be filled with heart-shaped munchies and significantly lower pressure.