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The UK version of SAFE IN THE LAWMAN’S ARMS arrived in the mail the other day, and I was absolutely thrilled to hold it in my hot little hands. This is my first book to be released in the UK, so it’s a big deal to this author.


It makes a beautiful addition to my little row of book in my bookshelf. This is the bookshelf with the doors on it… tucked into a corner of my bedroom. I’ve learned not to leave my personal copies out in the open or else well-meaning acquaintances can “borrow” them for their own reading. And when you’ve worked as hard as I have to have a book accepted, published, and on a store shelf, you find yourself guarding your personal copies with strange aggression. 😉



But I have to confess… sometimes I do open that cupboard door and just look at my books. They are part of my quiet, solitary satisfaction.