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I feel like I’ve been blogging about all things professional lately, and there is a reason for that: a lot has been going on in my professional life!

The latest news is a new contract for Harlequin’s Heartwarming line. This is a story I wrote a couple of years ago, but I still love it. I got the call a couple of weeks ago when the head editor wanted to know if the story was still available. I was very excited to sign on with them, which means I will be writing for three Harlequin lines going forward:

Love Inspired

Harlequin American/Western Romance

Harlequin Heartwarming

That means I’ll be having 5-6 books coming out each year, which will keep me very busy–just as I like it. 🙂 Stay tuned, as I’ll keep you abreast of all my releases here on this blog as well as on Facebook.

For me, always working on a book keeps me happy, and this will fill up my time perfectly. This writer couldn’t be happier!