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I love knowing exactly what I’m going to work on every single day. As I walk back from my son’s school every morning, my mind shifts into writing-mode. For those of you who have full-time jobs in actual office buildings, you don’t ever feel the lack of this–there is always something to work on. You get the thrill of a job completed, an atta-girl from your boss. But for me, who needs to dig up my own work, submit proposals and get someone to buy my ideas first, having a beautiful pile of work is soothing to frayed nerves.

Workaholic? Perhaps. But a very happy workaholic. 😉 No, I’m exaggerating a little bit. I pour it on for my office hours, but unless I have a looming deadline, I take evenings and weekends with family. But I love my job! Writing novels for a living–seriously, this is the life.

I’m just very grateful to be able to write at a jogging pace, not holding myself back, slowing myself down. I’m grateful for an outlet for the stories that flood my head, and for that high of seeing my work on a bookstore shelf. And I’m grateful for three lines with Harlequin that allow me to turn on the faucet and let it flow…


I’m lucky. I’m blessed. And I’m grateful.