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I’m starting a long weekend–a much needed break. I’ve been editing various manuscripts full-tilt for a few weeks now, and I sat down at my computer yesterday and realized that I was dry. I could see that the chapter needed work, and I could even see what needed to be done, but I couldn’t bring myself to do it–a good sign that it’s time for a break.

So long weekend, here I come!

I also looked at the date and realized that I have a book hitting the shelves in a matter of days!  😀 This is thrilling, especially since Romantic Times loved this one as much as I did. (4.5 stars!)


Mackenzie Vaughn is determined to learn to run the Montana ranch she’s inherited—even if it means relying on Chet Granger. Years ago, the serious (and seriously handsome) cowboy broke up her relationship with his younger brother, and Mack doesn’t want to remember that heartache. 

Chet knows gorgeous, spunky Mack is off-limits. His brother would never forgive him, and Chet always puts family first…until he can no longer ignore his feelings. If Chet gives in to his heart, he’ll lose his brother and the ranch they share—if he doesn’t, he could lose Mackenzie forever.


So take a look where you buy your Harlequins, and see if you can spot mine! I can’t wait to see it in person!