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A couple of weeks ago, I signed some copies of HER STUBBORN COWBOY for Goodreads winners and brought them down to my local post office. It’s actually my local 7-11, but there is a post office in there, and it is the closest to my home.


Now, our town is big enough that we don’t all know each other, but small enough to feel intimate. In fact, it’s small enough that anyone who lives in my town knows exactly which 7-11 I’m referring to, and are currently trying to figure out where I live in relation to it. 😉

The young lady working at the post office pointed out that there was no return address on the packages.

Me: I know, that’s okay. It’s the way I wanted it.

Her: Why?

Me: I’m an author. These are books I’m sending out to winners of a contest, and I don’t like to give my private information out. Like my address.

Her: So they can’t send them back?

Me: LOL! No, no. It’s just a privacy thing.

Her: So they bought the books?

Me: No, these are winners of a contest. They entered the contest. They won. I’m sending the prize.

Her: How much do you charge for them?

Me: I don’t charge for them. The bookstores do. It’s about five bucks, give or take.

Her: So a small book.

Me: Yes.

Her: What kind?

Me: Harlequin romance.

Her: Harli-what now?

Me: Harlequin romance. Romance novels.

Her: What’s that?

Me: …

Retelling this, it sounds like she was messing with me, but she seemed so genuine that I’m relatively certain she wasn’t. If she was, she deserves an Oscar for the performance! LOL! At this point, she’d gotten the postage on the parcels, and I’d paid. I was heading for the door, and she called,

Her: Do you want your receipt?

Me: No, thanks! Have a good day!

And I literally ran out the door. I was half way home before I realized that I do indeed need the receipt if I’m going to write this off as an expense come tax time, but I decided to take a hit on that. There was no way I was going back.

🙂 It’s a glamorous life I lead.

*For the winners–I don’t keep your addresses, either, because while I’m very protective of my own privacy, I’m also protective of yours. I copy the from the computer screen to the envelope, and Goodreads deletes them from there. I hope you enjoy the books!   ❤