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Who couldn’t use a little book soap next to their bathroom sink? 😉

This is too cute! It makes me wonder if the pages fan a little when they absorb water… because the layered soap looks like it might. That would be so cool!


(Click the picture if you’d like to see the Etsy shop page where this is sold.)


However, I’ve recently discovered that my ring finger doesn’t react well to some scented soaps. Then I have to take off my wedding rings to let my raw finger heal up, and I’m always afraid I’ll start rumors about the Mr. Johns and I. “Psst. I think something is up in paradise with those two… she’s been going around town without her wedding ring!” Because the one day you go out without your wedding ring, you run into about fourteen people you know well enough to talk about you behind your back. 😉

So now, I use a boring old bar of bath soap for my hands. Mr. Johns uses the pretty, scented soap. And if there were a bar of book soap that actually flared it’s pages when it was wet, and I couldn’t use it, that would be too much for me bear.