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I came across a news story that renewed my faith in humanity.

An army vet, struggling with PTSD from nearly 20 years of service, was arrested for driving under the influence. As part of his treatment, he needed to provide clean urine samples to prove that he was progressing. He was having a hard time staying sober, and when he confessed that he’d lied about one of his urine samples, there was a punishment of 24 hours in jail.


Judge Lou Olivera, however, had also been in the army, and he knew that if he sent the man to 24 hours in a solitary cell, he just might snap. He’d been through too much to be able to handle that. But the law is the law.

So the judge did what no one else would have–he served the man’s 24 hour jail time with him, side by side. They sat in that cell together and talked through the night.

There are good people out there! There are good men–kind, solid, principled men. And Judge Olivera is one of them. ❤

With so much bad news inundating us all the time, it’s a relief to hear about the good things that happen, the grace shown in unexpected places. These kinds of stories do my heart good.